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Mediterranean meadows and forests in their natural state

La Puerta de Monfrague

The largest and best preserved Mediterranean forest in the world is in Monfragüe (Extremadura), surrounded by hills populated with Mediterranean oak trees and scrub, and dotted with rocks and streams. Rivers and reservoirs water the riparian areas of the Monfragüe National Park. All this results in a rich and varied plant and animal life.
Monfragüe National Park is located between Navalmoral de la Mata, Plasencia and Trujillo, and is one of the most important ornithological areas in Spain. In this impressive environment, imperial eagles, black vultures and griffon vultures fly over the park.

Monfragüe Park

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Monfrague el paraiso de las aves

Monfragüe National Park has the largest colony of black vultures in the world (over 200 pairs), the largest concentration of imperial eagles in the world (over 10 pairs) and is one of the few habitats where the black stork nests.

Monfragüe is known as one of the bird sanctuaries of all Europe, not only for being a good conservation area but also for the ease with which emblematic endangered species can be seen.



Pinturas de la edad de bronce pintadas en la cueva de Monfragüe

The ancient presence of man in these lands can be seen in the cave paintings of the Castillo. The cave of the Castle of Monfragüe has been inhabited since prehistoric times and dominates an impressive rocky area over the waters of the Tajo.

The medieval bridge Puente del Cardenal and the village of Villarreal de San Carlos are also worth a visit. Very interesting places, such as Plasencia, Trujillo and Cáceres, are waiting in the surroundings.

Rural Tourism

Destino Turístico Starligh

Torrejón el Rubio is the southern entrance to Monfragüe National Park and home to the Centro Sur de Visitantes, Centro de amantes de la ornitología, Centro de Arte Rupestre and the Observatorio Astronómico de Monfragüe.

Different exhibitions, projections and activities help the visitor to deepen in the natural value of the park. Various hiking routes lead to the most emblematic places in this Biosphere Reserve.

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la puerta de Monfragüe en primavera
la puerta de monfrague Mirador tajadilla en primavera
zorro rojo en la puerta de Monfragüe
la puerta de monfraguePortilla del tietar en primavera
la puerta de monfrague Panoramica del Monfrague en primavera
la puerta de monfragueSalto del Gitano en Primavera
la puerta de monfrague panoramica del Monfrague en primavera
Panoramica de la puerta de Monfrague en primavera

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